Roland Wäschle

I was born in 1969 in Nusplingen, am married and have a son with my wife Maren.


Already as a child I felt a deep longing, which was accompanied by light-filled, spiritual experiences. This prompted me to embark on a search and so I came into contact with different spiritual teaching and healing methods.


In 2003 I met Armin Mattich, who intensified my gifts and abilities. Over the years he became a colleague and good friend for me. I am very grateful for his help and support.


The biggest change in Maren's and my lives was triggered by my encounter with Maya Storms. She gave us "the knowledge", "closeness to God". For that we are grateful with all our hearts. This has brought about an even deeper union with Christ. The longing was transformed into fulfilment and deep peace.



In the following years, my wife and I were able to experience how much help through God's power and love the participants in our seminars and healing sessions experience